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Your Questions Answered


When is a referral required?

A referral from your treating doctor is required to access a Psychiatrist that has rooms at Brighton Minds.

A GP referral in the form of a "Mental Health Care Plan" is required to access Medicare rebate for a Psychologist that has rooms at Brighton Minds.

Please note all clinicians that have rooms at Brighton Minds works independently and are responsible for their own practice. Referrals need to be addressed to the individual that you are wishing to see.  

What are the fees?

Clinicians that have rooms at Brighton Minds set their own fees. These fees may vary depending on the duration and nature of the consultation.

Accounts are requested to be paid on the day of an appointment.

For more information about the fees, please ask your clinician or contact administration staff. 

What is the Medicare rebate?

The Medicare rebate can be accessed for all specialty Psychiatric sessions if you have a valid doctor's referral.

The Medicare rebate can be accessed for allied mental health sessions if you have a valid GP referral in the form of a Mental Health Care Plan or a Psychiatrist's referral. After 6 sessions of therapy under a Mental Health Care Plan, an assessment is required by your GP or Psychiatrist to review your eligibility for a further 4 sessions.  

What happens if I cancel of miss my appointment?

We appreciate that life can become busy and it might be difficult at times to attend a scheduled appointment.

Please provide as much notice as possible when rescheduling or cancelling appointments. 

A late cancellation (within 48 hours of your appointment) and non-attendance fee may apply. Please inquire with your clinician or administration staff for more details. 

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